Quality Policy

Quality Policy

Trim Engineering Services is dedicated to consistently providing high quality products and services that satisfy our customers’ needs and expectations.

Implementation of a quality management system (QMS) that complies with the ISO 9001:2008 requirements ensures that Trim Engineering Services will continually seek improvement in the quality of its output. This is supported with all staff taking a proactive role in demonstrating their commitment and ability in achieving better quality materials and devices. Regular internal audits and management reviews ensure that the QMS stays relevant and effective for the benefit of the organization and our customers.


Quality Objectives

Objectives of the Trim Engineering Services’s quality management system are:

Maintain an effective and efficient quality management system that meets the requirements of the International Standard ISO9001:2008

Deliver products or services that meet the customer’s needs, within an agreed specified time frame

Improve interaction with our customers

Increase the Trim Engineering Services’s reputation within the World and International manufacture communities and hence attract new customers

Enhance the working environment of all employees by demonstrating the benefits of a well maintained and supported quality management system.